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08 September 2010 @ 12:17 pm
Dylan/Kelly List Of Season Six, Seven & Eight Reasons + Quotes For FF!  


01. He has a favorite picture of her (and wants a copy).
02. She helped him look through his father’s documents.
03. She fears for his safety and tried to put an end to his pursuit for revenge.
04. He’s still trying to kiss her.
05. He’ll always need her.
06. He doesn’t think Colin treats her right and he’s not afraid to say it.
07. She doesn’t know what she’d do without him.
08. She wore that red dress to catch his eye, and his kiss for Antonia caught hers.
09. Her most memorable kiss was with Dylan, on the beach 3 years ago.
10. It was hard for her to hear that he was engaged.
11. As he puts it, he asked her first.
12. His hands pressed up against the Peach Pit door after she leaves tell us that, despite his engagement, he still loves her.
13. His characteristic loneliness has always worried her.
14. She understands his need for privacy, both during the ceremony and afterwards.
15. She considers herself a permanent part of his surrogate family, and welcomes his fiance into the fold with open arms.
16. She stops by his house in his absence.
17. She got upset when her nostalgia for Dylan was overlooked. She misses him.
18. She’s his friend and she loves him, and that will never change.
19. Even by season’s end, Donna thought that the news of him reuniting with an ex would upset her ... and she was right.
20. He cares enough to inform her of his whereabouts.
21. Mention his name or recite a letter from him and watch her look down at her feet.
22. She still remembers his favorite authors.
23. He’s listed as one of the only two guys she’s ever loved. Short list.
24. She regrets her ‘I choose me’ decision. And, again, she misses him.
25. If she thinks he needs her to meet him, she’s there. No questions asked.
26. The notion that she could still be in love with Dylan was believable to Valerie and Brandon.
27. She still keeps his love letters.


6.01, Home Is Where The Tart Is;

Dy: “You were there. You knew him [Jack]. I can’t do it alone. I need a friend.”
K: “Friends. You sure that’s all you want?”

K: “You still miss him [Jack], don’t you?”
Dy: “Every day. … Whoever took him away from me’s gonna pay for it.”
K: “You’re serious?”
Dy: “I’m dead serious.”
K: (she takes his face in her hand) “Please be careful. No matter what is between us, I couldn’t bear if anything were to happen to you.”
K: (pulling away from a near-kiss) “Don’t. … I told you there’s someone else.”
Dy: “There’s always someone else.”
K: “Dylan … we’re over. You don’t need me anymore.”
Dy: “I’ll always need you.”

K: “I’m worried about you.”
Dy: “Don’t be.”

6.02, Buffalo Girls;

Dy: “Going to the party?” [K’s birthday celebration]
Bn: “Of course. I’m a glutton for punishment.”
Dy: “So am I …”

Dy: “So, it’s the woman of the hour …”
K: “Dylan, I’m so glad you came. It really means a lot to me.”
Dy: “I wouldn’t miss it.”

Bn: “So, where is the artist [Colin]?”
K: “He had something to finish up.”
Dy: What, the Sistine Chapel?”

Dy: (to Bn/S, about Colin/K) “So, what kind of schmoe stands up a girl on her birthday?”

6.06, Speechless;

K: (to D/Cl/V) “Oh, that [Paradise Cove] is the best beach. I had my best kiss there. […] It was Dylan.”

K: (to D/Cl/V) “Well, Brandon wins for consistency and Colin wins for intensity, but nothing will beat that night on the beach with Dylan.”

6.09, Earthquake Weather;

Colin: “So Dylan’s getting married.”
K: “Yeah …”
Colin: “That wasn’t easy for you, was it?”
K: “No.”

Dy: “Yeah, you sound thrilled, Kel.”
K: “Wha - how am I supposed to sound?!”
Dy: “I don’t know. But I asked you first. ... Remember? You said ‘no’. You said you had other plans. Let me see, you ... you chose ‘you’.”
K: “ … I want to hate her [Antonia] so bad, but I can’t. She seems really nice. I’m sorry. I hope you’ll both be very happy.”
Dy: “I hope so too. Maybe we each have more than one soulmate.”
K: “Yeah, maybe we do.”

6.10, One Wedding And A Funeral;

D: “This must be weird for you. I mean, watching Dylan go through this [marriage] with someone else.”
K: “Actually, it’s kind of a relief. Now I know he’s going to be okay. I don’t have to worry anymore, because he has somebody.”
D: “You think they’re gonna make it.”
K: “I hope so. For both of them. She seems as lonely as he is.”

Antonia: “I hope you guys don’t mind not coming to the wedding, but Dylan wanted it to be private.”
K: “That’s Dylan.”

Antonia: “I know that Dylan doesn’t have many connections in his life. Barely any family to speak of, which, unfortunately, is something that we have in common. I don’t have very much family either.”
K: “Well, you do now. We’re all Dylan’s family. Now we’re yours.”
K: “Can I give you some sisterly advice? Get as far away from here as you can. […] Everything will be okay. Just go … don’t look back.”

K: “How’s Dylan holding up?”
Bn: “He’s putting up a good front but I think he’s about to crack.”

Cl: “Well, one thing’s for sure. Life is fragile.”
K: “And bad things do happen to good people.”

6.11, Offensive Interference;

K: (about Dy) “Brandon, you’re not the only one who misses him.”
Bn: “Sorry. It’s just that I’ve been coming here all week, checking his messages and getting his mail … I don’t think he’s ever coming back. … So why do I bother?”
K: “Because you’re his friend and you love him. And that’s not ever going to change for you or for me.”

6.12, Breast Side Up;

Bn: (about Dy) “Maybe he’ll send us a postcard someday.”
K: “He will. When he’s ready.”

6.31, You Say It’s Your Birthday (1);

Dd: “Dylan being with Brenda’s gonna upset her?”
D: “Knowing Kel, yeah. Yeah, I think it would.”

6.32, You Say It’s Your Birthday (2);

K: (to Bn) “I got a letter from Dylan. Wanted me to know he was in London.”

7.07, Fearless;

K: “That’s amazing. I used to go out with a guy who loved Bukowski.”
Mark: “Brandon’s a Bukowski fan?”
K: “No. No, someone else.”

K: (to D/Cl) “I’ve only loved two guys in my life – Brandon and Dylan – and this guy seems to be a nice blend of both of them.”

7.20, With This Ring;

K: (VO) “What do they say? ‘Be careful what you wish for. It might come true. When Brandon proposed to me and Dylan wanted to take me around the world, I chose to be on my own. Well, that’s what I got. Dylan’s in London with Brenda, and Brandon … I know he cares for me, but Brandon’s in love with Tracy.”

7.26, The Long Goodbye;

Val: (re: the fake telegram) “It was the only way to make you see that Kelly’s not over Dylan!”
Bn: “Val, Kelly going to the airport to pick up an old friend doesn’t mean anything.”
V: “You know Dylan’s more than that.”

Bn: (to Nat) “You know, Dylan once told me that he and Kelly had a connection that I would never understand. Maybe he was right.”

V: “Well, at least now you know. Kelly still loves Dylan.”

K: “You think I’m still in love with Dylan?”
Bn: “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

K: (to Bn, about Dy) “I went to meet him because he’s a friend and he asked me to.”

8.01, Aloha Beverly Hills;

D: “Okay, truthfully? You don’t have letters, pictures of old boyfriends?”
K: “I don’t know. Maybe. Somewhere … “
D: “Yeah, right, ‘somewhere’. Dylan?!”
K: “Now that is different. We were special.”

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