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08 September 2010 @ 12:52 pm
List Of Media Quotes Regarding Dylan/Kelly & Luke/Jennie!  

S1 DVD Interviews w/ Luke Perry and Jennie Garth;
LP on Dylan: “He has a very strong sense of himself. […] Everyone thinks that when you’re a senior in high school, ‘That’s it, man. This is your last chance. You gotta …’ Everything that happens to you your senior year defines you as a person. That’s not true, and I think that my boy’s real aware of that. And I think that’s important. I think that allows him to look deeper into people, right away, and see them for WHO they are, not WHAT they are and what status symbol they represent in school. And thusly, that’s one of the things that separates him from people. He sees how people are separated from each other … whether they do or not.”

JG on Kelly: “She’s very complex. She has a lot of insecurities that deal with if people like her and whether or not she’s strong enough to handle everything that’s going on in her life. […] She tries to keep herself looking cool and looking together for everyone else’s benefit. But when she goes home, it’s her quiet time and she really tries to deal with her feelings.”

LP: “A lot of people tune in and they look at the title – it’s ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’. They think it’s all glamour and flash, you know? Cause we have beautiful girls like Jennie on the show. They think that. And that’s true – to some extent. But also, we get down and we look and we see what’s going on, and we try to address it. We want to raise the questions.”
S3 DVD Commentary w/ Charles and Karen Rosin;
CR: “It wasn’t the reason to go forward with this [making Dy/K a couple], of course. The reason was, though, um … Luke Perry came into my office. I always made it at the end of the season that the actors could come and tell me what they like or didn’t like, and he said, ‘Can’t I start doing stuff with [Jennie]?’ […] So I remember calling in Steve [Wasserman] and Jessica [Klein] and said, ‘Can we make this work? Can we change it up?’ And Steve Wasserman, who unfortunately has passed away, had, you know, great enthusiasm and just went, ‘YES! Let’s do it!’”

(Re: Dy/K talking at the Peach Pit in “Home and Away”)

CR: “And this is a beautiful – the theme of the abandoned father. And this was – this was also a third year episode called ‘Senior Poll’, written by Chip Johannessen, who has gone on to do some really terrific shows.”
KR: “He was a very good writer.”
CR: “He did the ‘Princeton Boys to Men’, he did the dance with the High School violence, and of course that wonderful scene.”

(Re: Dy/K in the pool, “Back In the High Life”)

CR: “Maybe the most – the sexiest scene we ever did.”

(Re: Dy/K hugging at Graduation, right after she sees her father, “Commencement”)

KR: “You always appreciated it when we could, um, sort of illuminate the underlying psychological make-up of a character without …”
CR: “Hitting it on the head.”
KR: “Yeah.”
TV Guide, “Cheers and Jeers”, 10/04/92.

“Cheers to the zip returning to one of TV’s better known zip codes, Beverly Hills, 90210. While the new season has spawned a haphazard host of 90210 knockoffs, none can compare to the original, now in its third year. Sure, the Fox hour went through some tepid times last season (the terrible twos), but now the tempest is back in the teen-pot, thanks mostly to the stormy romance between Dylan (Luke Perry) and Kelly (Jennie Garth).”

"Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Scrapbook", by Gio di Tazza, 1992.

Her co-star, Luke Perry, describes Jennie with one word: "sweetness." "I am from Ohio and she's from Illinois," says Luke. "We are both farm people."
“Busy Bodies: With Plots Full Of Swapping Bedfellows And Steamy Flirtations, FOX's Beverly Hills, 90210 And Melrose Place Have Blossomed This Spring Into Addictive Nighttime Soaps”, Entertainment Weekly, Ken Tucker, May 28, 1993.
“[...] the revitalized Beverly Hills, 90210 and the surging Melrose Place [...] both are going out winners. 90210 had been coasting along during this, its third season, with standard, seen-'em-before plots about high school tensions and low-key heavy petting. Then came the cataclysmic flirtation between Dylan and Kelly [...]”

“Its video hormones freshly atingle, 90210 has been an energetic evening soap for months now, as these aging teen idols swaggered through their senior year in high school. The May 5 prom-night episode was particularly choice [...] There were undoubtedly adolescent shrieks in living rooms all over America when Kelly fed Dylan strawberries and murmured, ''Why don't we skip school altogether and stay in bed all day?''
Bad Subjects: “Recombinant Realism/Caliutopian Re-Dreaming: Beverly Hills 90210 as Nostalgia Television”, Crystal Kile, 10/93.

“In a juicy little intertextual bit from the third season's Brenda-Dylan-Kelly love triangle, Kelly-n-Dylan frolic like James Dean and Natalie Wood (or is it like Keanu Reeves and Paula Abdul!?) outside Griffith Observatory.”
Official 90210 Magazine, German Edition.
“Exclusive Interview with Jennie – The New Leading Lady”, 1994.

Interviewer: “Meanwhile, Kelly was with every 90210 boy. Who’s the best kisser?”
JG: “Luke. If Luke is kissing you, you forget anything around. [...]”
TV Guide, “Jennie Garth: From the Heart”, Mary Murphy, 4/8/95.

That old love-hate thing has cropped up behind the scenes with series heartthrob Luke Perry. "We have a dynamic relationship. Either we get along famously or we hate each other's guts," says Garth [...]. "Today it was up and down: 'I hate you.' 'I love you.' 'I hate you.'"

Off-camera, Garth says that Perry is possessive of her attention. "Our relationship is stormy, to say the least," she says. "Luke doesn't like it when I do scenes with Jason [Priestley]. It's that ego thing."

“In many ways the actors and the characters on Beverly Hills, 90210 are interchangeable - they live life on the edge, searching for their true selves (this season Kelly joined a cult), occasionally stumbling along the way (Dylan McKay recently fell off the wagon).”

"He's wonderful. Once you are kissing Luke (Perry, character Dylan), it is all you can think about."
Sassy Magazine, “Jennie Garth Rebuffed My Rice Krispies Advances”, 4/95.

JG: “Luke's a cowboy - he rides bulls. He's very smart. He has a girlfriend he's very in love with, which hardly anyone knows.”

But I told her she and Luke seem to have really good chemistry. "And we know it. And his girlfriend knows it and my boyfriend knows it. But we work together, you know..."
Translation from a French webpage at: [x] (unknown date/orig ref).

-Ils sont tres proche et tjrs de tres grd amis aujourd'hui
They are very close and will always be very good friends.

-Luke a dit un jr qu'il y avain une certain attirance entre eux.
Luke said one day that there has always been a certain attraction between the two of them.

-ET qu'il amais les scenes physique avec Jennie.
And he loves the physical scenes with Jennie.
[[Humorous quote retreived from an early-mid 90’s article on jenniegarth.com, now defunct. Unknown ref. Possibly YM or Teen Magazine, since they haven’t been cited yet.]]

Q: “What's it like working with Luke Perry?”
JG: “Luke's a very nice guy. He likes guns; he's always cleaning his guns at work. We have a lot of fun together.”
Our Favorite Moments (Special), 1998.
JG: “I love working with Luke. He and I are like buddies."

LP: "It was 40 degrees, and the crew was all wearing heavy winter coats and gloves. She was in a bikini and I was in swimming trunks, and we were trying to kiss. My lips were chattering so bad, they were blue. She bit my lip and I was bleeding. I think I bit her on the tongue. It was, you know, I mean, it was difficult."

Entertainment Weekly’s “100 Greatest Moments of Television” issue, 2/19/99.

Dylan and Kelly confessing their summer romance (“Back In the High Life Again”) is ranked #61.
Daily News, Keith Marder, Fall 1998.

LP: “There hasn't been a day since I left that at least one person hasn’t said to me, ‘When are you coming back?’”
Soap Opera News, “Dylan’s New Life Without Brenda … and Brandon:
Luke Perry Discusses His Return to 90210”, 9/8/98.

“Perry, whose character will return during November sweeps, said he definitely missed everyone on the show; he was particularly moved to see his co-stars Jennie Garth (Kelly) and Brian Austin Green (David) on the set.”
Soap Opera Update, “Casting Extra: Why They Came Back”, 11/10/98.

There was a time when you could have bet the farm that Perry was not going to return to the show that made him famous. In fact, shortly after leaving his five-season role on 90210 in 1995, he swore as much.
Soap Opera Magazine, “Luke Perry’s Back In Beverly Hills”, 11/24/98.

SOM: “Did you think that the show would be around for you to come back to? Not to put the show down, but the obituary has been written for it every season since year four.”
LP: “It’s been written every year since year one!”
[reference to the show losing its footing well before S9]
Soap Opera Weekly, “Meet The Press: Hills And Valleys for 90210’s Dylan”, 11/24/98.
LP: “We don’t know when it is going to end. I left before because I didn’t like what I was doing. If it gets like that again, I will leave. I don’t foresee that happening now.”
[implies that he liked what he was doing in S9-S10]
Soap Opera Magazine, “Luke Who’s Back”, 11/98.

LP: “The 90210 producers had made overtures toward me about returning a few times over the last three or four years. It just so happened that this year the timing was very fortuitous for me to come back.”

SOM: “Do you hope that Dylan will get back together with Kelly?”
LP: “Yes, in the sense that it will make for dramatic conflict. When last we saw Dylan (his wife had just been killed), he was not having a good time in terms of romance, to say the least. It would be a disservice to the character and audience if Dylan didn’t find it difficult to have a relationship.”
MTV’s FANatic, 7/99.

JG: “Kelly/Dylan is a little more torrid and, like, ‘bad’, somehow. (smiles) It’s bad, yeah.” [as in, risky/volatile/unpredictable/edgy/Michael Jackson ‘bad’; Dylan was on heroin that year]
“The View” talk show, April 2000.
Lisa Ling: “So, I have to ask you – are Kelly and Dylan going to be reunited for the final episode?”
JG: “Yeah. It’s good. It’s kind of like a ‘full circle’ sort of thing where they come all this way and finally find their way back to each other.”
Lisa Ling: “Yay!”
Star, “90210 Over and Out”, Stephen Viens, 4/18/00.

“But even that is nothing compared to the last scene. Dylan and Kelly resolve their love triangle and commit to each other as they dance together at the wedding party. The last words ever spoken on the show will be when he asks her to dance, adding that if she wanted to wait she could wait. “I don’t want to. Not anymore”, Kelly replies as the couple slowly dance around the floor to their song, leaving no doubt that they’ve finally gotten together forever.”
"The Final Goodbye", FOX Special, 2000.

JG: (about Luke) “I was really happy that he was coming back, actually. I was excited. It felt right, you know? It felt like, ‘Where’d you go? Why’d you leave in the first place? Here you are.’ And we were very happy to have him back. And I’m, you know, he’s one of us. He’s like family.”
Variety, “`90210' by the season”, Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, 5/17/00.
- Season Three, 1992-1993: Brenda and Donna go to Paris. Dylan and Kelly fall in love. Dylan's father is supposedly killed by a car bomb. Donna is busted at the prom for being drunk. ...
“Thank You, Zip Code of My Dreams, for An Emotion-Packed Decade”, by Eleni N. Gage, New York Times, May 2000.

“The 90210 writers seem to cherish their characters’ pasts as much as we viewers do. Despite occasional lapses, like switching the actors who played Kelly’s dad, the show respected its history and used it to add emotional weight to certain moments. For instance, when Dylan gave Kelly and Matt two plane tickets around the world as a wedding present, we instantly recalled that he had offered her the same gift before (when asking her to choose between himself and Brandon). And we understood that he was asking her to choose again.”

“Dylan didn’t choose Kelly over Brenda because she had fancier clothes or a cabana closer to the beach club, but because they had sympatico psyches, both having been the kids left alone on the playground when their moms forgot to pick them up.”
TV Guide, “Beverly Hills 9021-Over”, Shawna Malcom, week of series finale, May 2000.

LP: “Bunch of sentimental bastards, ain’t we?”

“‘It’s a sweet send-off’, says executive producer Aaron Spelling. ‘It’s not a cliff-hanger. After all these years, you want to see everybody together.’
E! True Hollywood Story: Beverly Hills 90210, 2001.
Narrator (52:00): “As in the previous year, FOX execs programmed new episodes of 90210 during the Summer of 1992. The plan kept viewers hooked on the kid’s vacation misadventures, including Brenda and Donna’s trip to Paris. But the juiciest news was that while Brenda had a fling in Europe, her on-again off-again sweetheart, Dylan, and best friend, Kelly, finally gave into temptation.”
Reunion Special, 2003.

LP: “Jennie and I have sent each other to the hospital on a fairly regular basis. And this is off-camera. Um … (Jennie laughs) I wanted to mention that. I ran her over with a jet-ski once. I hit her in the head, knocked her unconscious. Out, in the water, a bodyguard dove in, fished around … pulled Jennie up like a drowned cat. Paramedics came, the whole deal. She sprayed Binaca in my eye one time (Jennie laughs). … There were some bumps and bruises. I knocked her down. Again, someone had to go to the emergency room … “

LP: “And Jennie and I were in the swimming pool on top of the Bel Age Hotel, and we were supposed to be swimming and talking and kissing. I remember us being in the swimming pool and all the crew had on winter coats. So what I was doing was trying to hold her close to me, and stay, ya know, really warm (Jennie playfully smacks his arm), and … and, um …

JG: “What are you saying?!”

LP: “I’m just saying, it - that I’m warmer when you’re close to me than I am when you’re not (he playfully hugs her) [...]."

LP: “We were getting invited to the White House. Um, you know, crazy stuff. Fidel Castro got a satellite dish cause he had a crush on Jen …” (she playfully hits him).
“Ellen” talk show interview, 2005.

JG: “We were making out.”
LP: (points behind him) “Yeah ... before we came out.”
JG: “No, on the show!”

JG: (about Luke’s WILAY guest spot) “They actually wrote the part for him and asked him. He was so fun. He jumped in with both feet.”

LP: “I couldn't tell the difference, sometimes, between the fighting and the making out.”

Ellen: “And Luke, your [character’s] sister became a prostitute, your father ... ah, blew up! ...” (Jennie starts laughing hysterically)

JG: (forgetting that David crushed on Kelly) “Oh, right! (laughs) I haven't watched the show in a while.”
LP: (laughs) “She wasn't reading them when we were making them.” (Jennie laughs hard)

Zap2it.com (accessed via LubbockOnline, "TV Briefs"), 2/25/05.
"We have a very good time in this episode to the sort of Dylan-Kelly callback," Garth says.

For Garth, working with Perry again meant reteaming with an old friend; the two have stayed in touch since ‘90210’ ended in 2000, and she made the first call to Perry to see if he'd be interested in the guest spot.

"He was a little nervous, but he actually came in and jumped in with both feet -- he was awesome.” [...] “It also”, Garth says with a laugh, "made me remember all the things I love and hate about him. After working with him for 10 years, we're very close, and we'll both say publicly that there are things we love and hate about each other."
iVillage.com, “Flirting with Luke Perry: The Former Bad Boy's Take On Playboy, the Lottery and His Tush”, by Lindsey Unterberger, ~8/14/06.

Q: “So, I have to ask, do you ever talk to the old 90210 gang?”
LP: “[...] I talk to Jason and Brian and Ian and Jen.”
USA Today, “Where Are They Now? Stars of ‘Melrose’, ‘90210’ Dish On Their Characters”, 11/6/06.

JG: “I see Kelly on a tropical island, sitting on a beach in a bikini. She’s with Brandon, but Dylan’s lurking around in the tropical bush.”

Renee Zellweger With Luke Perry? What Will Kelly Taylor Say?
Headline: NY Post, 1/16/07
“Summer Lovin': The Hottest On-Screen Couples: From Sandy and Danny (''Grease'') to Baby and Johnny (''Dirty Dancing'') and Lloyd and Diane (''Say Anything''), here are the pairs who really made us sweat”, By Bethonie Butler, Entertainment Weekly, 8/7/07.

Kelly & Dylan, 90210 (1993, #5 of 12): In the type of dramatic twist that defined 90210, Dylan (Luke Perry) ignites a passionate summer fling with Kelly [...]”
OK! Magazine Blog for 'Dancing With The Stars', 10/23/07.
JG: “I would do anything for Tori and she would do anything for me in a heartbeat. You don’t have that bond with people very often. I have that with Tori and Luke Perry and Ian Ziering. Those are the people that I grew up with – they’re my soul siblings.”
Jennie “Puff the Magic Dragon” Garth and Derek “Imagining Len in His Tighty Whiteys” Hough dancing the mambo, phillyblurbs.com, around 10-30-07.

“Bruno thought Jennie had steam heat and engaged in some "dirty dancing". Carrie Anne thinks Kelly Taylor has finally proven herself worthy of Dylan McKay.”
“My DWTS Makeover”, US Weekly, week of 11/13/07.

JG: “Luke [Perry] calls a lot to check in, too. He says he doesn't watch, but I think he's lying!"
People Magazine, week of 11/16/07, on Jennie’s DWTS stint.
LP: "I vote for her 11 times a week! She's incredible."
VH1’s 100 Greatest Teen Stars (Jennie Garth #41), 2007.

Narrator: “Hunky Dylan might have started out as Brenda’s boyfriend but he couldn’t resist bombshell Kelly.”

Ryan Cabrera (singer): “Dylan, you gotta go with Kelly. No question.”
SOAPnet Hot List, 2008:

#17: Dy chooses K (“Back In the High Life”).
#13: Dy is upset over M and K’s engagement.
Michael Aussielo, TV Guide, interviewing Jennie at the CW Upfronts, 5/08.

MA: "So, refresh my memory. Kelly was married when the show ended, correct?"
MA: "I think she married Dylan, didn't she?"
“The Dish On 90210”, US Weekly, 6/08.

Sachs says veteran 90210 fans will be “satisfied” by Garth’s romance storyline.
Watch With Kristin, E! Online, Spoiler Chat, 7/28/08.

“It looks like there is a twist at the end of the pilot for Jennie Garth’s character that leads us to believe she may be dating or possibly married to one of the boys. Here’s hoping it’s Luke Perry!”
“Kelly and Dylan 90210 (2.0) Reunion?!”, Perez Hilton.com, 8/27/08.

“OMG, you guys!!!!!! There's a good chance that Luke "Dylan McKay" Perry will appear on 90210 (2.0). So, push aside those reports (for now) that Perry won't be coming back! (2.0) insiders have revealed that Jennie Garth's character, Kelly Taylor, will have a 4-year old son in the spinoff. And the dad is none other than Dylan! In true Dylan style, he's disappeared for awhile but will probs come back in a late season one show to try to win a place back in his son's and Kelly's life. What do y'all think? We loves it!”
8/27/08 headline on lalate.com: “Dylan McKay Kelly Taylor 90210 BABY!”

8/28/08 headline on msn.com: “Jennie: I’d want Dylan for father.”
Time Magazine, about Kelly 2.0, “Updating Beverly Hills, 90210”, by Rebecca Keegan, 8/28/08.

Despite a series finale kiss with Dylan McKay that seemed to bring romantic closure to the first show's two most beleaguered characters, "she's still looking for her happily ever after," Garth says.

[In other words, had it not been for the spinoff, Dylan and Kelly’s last scene would signify romantic closure for the two.]
“90210's Jennie Garth & Shannen Doherty Unite -- & Luke Perry May Return!”, whyfame.com, 8/28/08.
“If Aaron Spelling was alive I would kiss him. Then again, I'm so ridiculously stoked about this 90210 news, that I would probably plant a big, wet one on the old guy, coffin and all. First things first. Multiple sources are reporting that Kelly Taylor has a four-year-old son -- by the one-and-only Dylan Mckay! And even though Luke Perry has said that he's not going to make an appearance on the remake, we thinks someone's fibbing! And we've never been happier about a liar in our lives!!!”
TV Guide, “Jennie from The Block”, 9/1/08, on the undecided paternity of Kelly’s son Sammy.

JG: “If I had to choose between Brandon and Dylan, which I’ve had to do so many times, I think it’d be more interesting if it were Dylan’s baby because he carries a lot more baggage.”
EW.COM, Fall TV Preview, 9/4/08, “‘90210’: The Next Generation”, By Jessica Shaw.

Sachs sent word to Luke Perry that he's free to bring Dylan on set anytime [...]
Entertainment Weekly, “After School Special”, Jessica Shaw, 9/5/08.
JG: “I thought ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ had a beginning, middle, and an end. It was very neatly in its coffin and it was done. When they told me they were doing it [the spinoff], I thought: No! Like something sort of sacred was being disrupted. Some part of who I was and a piece of my history was being messed with.”
“'90210': The next episode and beyond ... Kelly's baby daddy revealed! And is Shannen Doherty extending her guest spot?”, L.A. Times, Shawna Malcom, 9/9/08.

As for the paternity of Kelly's 4-year-old son Sammy, executive producer Gabe Sachs claims he and fellow show runner Jeff Judah "decided who the dad was a long time ago" and that the burning question will be answered within the next handful of episodes. My heart's set on Dylan, as he and Kelly rightfully reconnected at Donna's and David's wedding at the close of the original "Beverly Hills, 90210" in 2000.
Pratt Historic Preservation Organization, 9/10/08. About the Griffith Observatory in L.A.

This Art Deco gem is a pop culture icon, best known for its feature role as back drop in Rebel Without a Cause [and subsequent ripoffs like Paula Abdul’s Rush Rush video and Dylan & Kelly’s touching first date on 90210].

'90210' Lures Fans With Brandon/Dylan Fatherhood Mystery”, by Kim Stolz, MTV Newsblog, 9/10/08.
“Let’s be honest, he and Kelly are more likely to have had a kid together, thus further linking them in their inextricably connected lifelong relationship.”
Perez Hilton, “Who’s The Daddy????”, 9/12/08.

Also, Sachs and fellow exec producer, Jeff Judah, already know who they want the daddy to be. They've also discussed the decision with Jennie Garth and Doherty. He adds, "The two of them love being in on secrets," mentioning that they were all happy with the choice.
TV Guide, “90210: Who's the Daddy?”, Mickey O'Connor, 9/12?/08.

Shockingly, the show's producers have announced that they'll reveal the identity of Sammy's father on Tuesday's episode (Sept. 16, 8 pm/ET, CW). Why give it up so early? "It worked with the stories we wanted to tell," says executive producer Gabe Sachs. "There are plenty of things we can still milk surrounding this story, believe me!"

Everyone has their own theories, of course, most falling into one of two camps: Team Brandon or Team Dylan, echoing the series' push-pull love triangle that appeared to end in Dylan's favor when he and Kelly reconnected at Donna and David's wedding in 2000.


FOR HIM Dylan has nostalgia working in his favor, as fans always found him to be a hotter match for Kelly than Brandon. If we are to believe the finale of Beverly Hills, 90210, they were back together as recently as 2000. Also, Dylan does have a reputation for taking off when things get complicated with the ladies.
AGAINST HIM Not a whole lot, frankly. Perry has said he wouldn't be interested in appearing on the new series, but come on, he returned to the old series, like, eight times. He'd totally do it.
LIKELIHOOD Very likely.
“Ellen” talk show interview, 9/12/08.
JG: “I hope that my purpose with the new show is to sort of, like, service the original fans and try to keep them happy. Keep them liking the show.”
“Kelly's Babydaddy Revealed on 90210!”, dailyblabber, iVillage.com, 9/12/08.

I'm so happy! I thought we were going to have to wait a lot longer to get confirmation on who the father of Kelly's baby is on the new 90210, but People.com is reporting that we will find out next week! [...] Of course, I'm hoping and praying that it's Dylan. I could live with it being Brandon, but it wouldn't make as much sense [...] Want more great news? The show’s executive producer Gabe Sachs told People that there’s a “possibility” Kelly's former flame will be returning in an upcoming episode. Oh, BEV. You make my life worth living.
“For longtime fans, it’s easy to develop a crush on new ‘90210’”, By Amy Amatangelo, Boston Herald, 9/15/08.

When “Beverly Hills, 90210” went off the air in May 2000, I wrote an article here declaring that my relationship to the show had been one of the longest, most enjoyable connections in my life.

As someone who makes a living writing about TV, I know, of course, there were and are much better shows. But there is no series for which I have more deep-rooted affection.

Viewers have learned that the father of Kelly’s 4-year-old son is a high school flame. Just the thought that Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) could bring his sideburns back to the zip code is enough to keep me watching. In one classic episode, Dylan learned through regression therapy that he and Kelly were soulmates in a former life. They could be soulmates in this one, too.
“'90210' take three -- Brenda's back, Dylan's name dropped, love triangles”, Jennifer Thomas, PioneerLocal.com, 9/16/08.
“Just as I was beginning to wonder how long they could go on referring to him as ‘him’, Brenda said it -- the father is Dylan. The news wasn't a huge shock, but still fun to hear. Dylan seemed the natural choice [...]”
“Dylan’s The Daddy!!!!”, x17online.com, 9/17/08.

Wasn’t it so obvious that Dylan was the father of Kelly’s child on 90210? [...] Last night, Brenda revealed that Kelly was still in love with Sammy’s dad Dylan. And, at least for the moment, Kelly’s torch for Dylan is preventing her from dating hottie teacher Ryan.
“90210 'The Bubble' Episode Four”, starpulse.com, 9/17/08.

Last night we finally found out who fathered Kelly's son. Kelly bounced between Dylan and Brandon for the entire original Beverly Hills, 90210 run. [...] Dylan is the father of Kelly's son.
“’90210': And Kelly's baby daddy is ...”, L.A. Times, 9/17/08.
“There had already been weeks of vague clues and speculation about the 4-year-old's paternity. It was time to get on with it already. And then -- finally, thankfully -- there was a freakin' name and it was ... Dylan. Of all the guys Kelly had history with in high school [... ] [he] was really the only satisfying option. [...] Even more rewarding than the big reveal was how it unfolded: in the West Beverly High parking lot. In the black of night.”
“90210 Dish: Kelly's Baby Daddy Is...”, StarMagazine.com, 9/17/08.

Delighting Beverly Hills, 90210 fans around the globe, last night in the 90210 spin-off, Jennie Garth's character Kelly announced her baby daddy is none other than Dylan, who was played by Luke Perry in the original series.
“Dylan is Kelly's baby daddy”, parentdish.com, by Jennifer Jordan, 9/17/08.

“Like it or not, 90210, and Kelly, and Dylan, are a part of our cultural upbringing.”
“Kelly’s baby-daddy revealed on ‘90210’: Dylan McKay is the father, but will Luke Perry appear on the show?” Access Hollywood, 9/17/08.
“Jennie Garth, who plays Kelly, told People that Dylan and Kelly were destined to end up together.”

“Though Garth always thought they belonged together, the actress said the decision was a surprise — even to her.”
“Luke Perry – Perry Set for TV Return After 90210 Shocker?”, contactmusic.com, 9/17/08.

“Luke Perry is under pressure to return to Beverly Hills after his beloved TV character Dylan McKay was named the father of Kelly Taylor's son on the Beverly Hills, 90210 spin-off. [...] Now Garth is hoping the bombshell, which aired on Tuesday, will bring Perry back.”
People Magazine, “Jennie Garth on the Big 90210 Reveal and More”, Elaine Aradillas, 9/17/08.

Q: “What did you think when they told you Dylan was going to be the father?”
JG: “It was very confusing for me because initially the idea of having a son was my idea. I thought it would bring a great amount of depth to my character. Then the question came up, ‘Well, who’s the father?’ [...] I think they settled on Dylan because Kelly and Dylan had such a passionate relationship in the past. Their relationship was so heated. It was kind of undeniable.”

Q: “Since you started the new 90210, who did the fans want the father to be?”
JG: “It’s funny because everyone who was a fan of the original show has an opinion about who Kelly ended up with. I’d have to say it’s 50/50–it’s either Brandon or Dylan.”

JG: “I didn’t even know for the first three or four episodes who the father was. And then I read it in the script, and I was like, ‘Oh, okay. I guess Dylan’s the dad. Great.’ And it made sense to me because, like I said, Kelly and Dylan ultimately do belong together. They have a fiery thing.”

Q: “How do you think the fans will react to the news?”
JG: “Either way, whether the son was Brandon’s or Dylan’s, the fans will be excited. [...] And they’re going to analyze everything that little kid does. He has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.”

Q: “Any chance Dylan will show up in a cameo?”
JG: “I would love to work with Luke again. I love him dearly.”
TV Guide Online, “90210 Cast Secrets” vid, 9/19/08.
“Does this mean Luke Perry will make an appearance on upcoming episodes? We can only hope.”
“The Hot 5: What We’re Into This Week”, dailycamera.com, 9/19/08.

"90210." This week, the anticipation came to an end when Brenda announced Dylan was the father of Kelly's son on the new version of the '90s teen fave. Although it was nice to finally end the wondering, for true 90210 fans this did cause a little heartache, putting an end to everyone's hopes that Dylan and Kelly did end up happily ever after.
Top 10 TV Relationships, Yahoo!TV Fall TV Preview, 10/3/08:

Kelly Taylor & Dylan McKay on "90210" (#7):

Says Shine Entertainment editor Joanna Douglas: "Although actor Luke Perry claims he won't be revisiting his old zip code [...] I will wait patiently with my fingers crossed all season long for their reunion."

“90210: How Bad Do They Want Dylan Back?”, BuddyTV.com, 10/6/08.
“And, if he does make an out-of-nowhere return to the holy zip code, you know that nostalgic 90210 fans would flip out with joy.”
TV Guide, Anna Dimond, 10/11/08.

Garth couldn't confirm a return for other former castmates, like Tori Spelling, who has equivocated on the subject, or Kelly's babydaddy, Dylan (Luke Perry), with whom she chatted by phone en route to the awards event. "He didn't mention coming back at all”, she grinned. "I don't know if that's going to happen, but I would love it."
Entertainment Weekly, Michael Ausiello, “The Ausiello Files: ‘90210’ lures another alumnus back to West Beverly Hills High”, 10/17/08.

“Sachs hasn’t given up on Luke Perry, despite the fact that the actor has publically nixed a return as Kelly’s babby-daddy. ‘We go after Luke whenever we have the "opportunity", he says with a laugh. ‘But I haven’t tried recently, so maybe I’ll try him again.’”
OK! Magazine, “Lori Loughlin: Bring Back Luke Perry!”, 10/27/08.
LL: “If I could choose one person to come back, it would be Luke Perry. Dylan belongs with Kelly!”
“When Three's A Crowd”, by Tracy Pepey, iVillage.com, 11/6/08.

“Could there have been a better love triangle than Brenda, Dylan and Kelly on the original Beverly Hills, 90210? We don't think so [...]”
“Jennie Garth Hopes For Luke Perry Reunion”, JustJared.com, 11/07/08.
Garth, 36, also addressed rumors of Luke Perry joining the CW spinoff: “I know that I would love it more than anything and I know that he’s the father of Kelly’s baby. I was like, ‘Really? Okay, wow!’”
“Jennie Returns to The Block”, NY Post, Jarett Wieselman, 11/10/08.

JG: (re: reveal of Dylan being Sammy’s dad) “That's what the fans wanted and I think it's how things should be."

“[...] fan outcry to see Kelly and Dylan reunited is more deafening than cheers of ‘Donna Martin graduates’ [...]”
Jennie Garth: "This Is For The Fans!", NY Post, Jarett Wieselman, 11/11/08.

JG: “[...] Everyone's first response to me was, ‘I love seeing you on the show’.

Q: “How long are you open to playing Kelly Taylor?”
JG: “I always say that as long as the show stays good, my storylines appeal to me and to the fans - you know, as long as the show works on every level.”

Q: “How much of a say do you have a say in Kelly's path?”
JG: “I have a lot of say. Just the other day, a writer asked me what I wanted to do with Kelly [...]”

Q: “Did you think Dylan would turn out to be the father?”
JG: “I was just as surprised as the viewers - and I don't even know if Luke knows. We've talked, but we don't talk about business, but I'm sure he was surprised too. I think it's right, I think that's what the fans wanted the writers to do.”

Q: “But Luke has been vocal about not wanting to return, right?”
JG: “There are some people from the cast that don't want to go back to the characters that made them famous - and that's totally fine. But the writers wanted Kelly to go [visit Dylan] and wrap it all up with a pretty red bow, off camera. I didn't want to do that. I thought that the fans, who were so excited to have her go visit Dylan, would be so disappointed that it ended like that. I said, if the time comes when Luke's schedule opens up, it needs to be resolved on camera. Let that play out so people can see it, because they have been waiting for it.”

Q: “So Kelly's trip to see Dylan didn't go well?”
JG: [...] “The trip went okay but it didn't answer any questions for Kelly. [...] She comes back with an openness to other men and is trying to put Dylan behind her - but he's not completely history for her.”

JG: “I'm lucky - 100 percent of the time, fans thank me for coming back. I've never gotten a negative comment like, ‘You suck! Why are you back?’ People feel like there's a connection - they have a Kelly, Brenda, Dylan jonesing and need their fix.”
Movin’ 99.7fm podcast, San Fransisco Radio, 11/11/08.
Radio Host 1: “When are we gonna get Mr. Luke Perry on board here and reunite you two? Bring back Dylan?”
JG: “I don’t know. I mean, I’m sure Kelly would want that but I'm not sure what ... if it's in the cards for him. I haven’t talked to him about it, but [...] we don’t talk about work, so ...”
Radio Host 2: “Because when I watched the show and then it was revealed that, you know, that he was your son’s father and I’m like, ‘Well, maybe, maybe he’s gonna make an appearance.”
JG: “Yeah, well I think the fans would love that.”
TV Guide, “Jason Priestley Gets Busy on Earl, Secret Life, 90210”, by Tim Molloy, 11/11/08.

JP: "I think that ultimately [Dylan being the dad] made more sense given Kelly and Dylan, given their relationship [...]”
“Neverlasting love”, The Vicious Circle (official spinoff blog of Erin Silver), 11/11/08.

“Kelly was away on a love pilgrimage. A trip to Wyoming to see Dylan.”

“It’s this weird push and pull. They’re like two magnets that repel each other –- you’d think that they should be able to make things work, but there are crazy polar forces that keep it from happening.”

“I’ve seen them together, and what they’ve got going is this storybook, telenovela kind of love.”

“Even when they think it’s over, it’s never really over.”
TV Guide Channel, "TV's Biggest Moments of 2008", 12/14/08.

“Finally, after weeks of anticipation, Dylan was revealed to be the father of Kelly's child, bringing a bit of the past ino the present and making original 90210 fans everywhere ecstatic.”

“It was an awesome moment for us ‘9ers’ that loved the original series.” - Korbi Ghosh, TV Correspondent, Zap2it.com.
Access Hollywood, “Dish of Salt: Top Ten TV Moments of 2008”, Laura Saltman, 12/18/08.

# 8 – Dylan is Kelly’s Baby Daddy
“[90210] did produce one major water cooler moment this year. When old cast member Kelly Taylor — who is now West Beverly High’s guidance counselor — finally clued us in via best bud Brenda Walsh that her four-year-old son, Sammy, is the offspring of Dylan McKay and not Brandon Walsh (her two famous past loves).”
T-Mobile Season Recap (ad within show), aired 1/6/09.

“Mr. Matthews was the fave teacher who tried to fave Kelly, but she still wanted to fave Dylan.”

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